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  • Konferenzen | Vorträge von Mitgliedern des IMWK auf der ICA Jahrestagung in Prag

Konferenzen | Vorträge von Mitgliedern des IMWK auf der ICA Jahrestagung in Prag

Das IMWK ist auf der diesjährigen Jahrestagung der International Communication Association (ICA) in Prag (Tschechische Republik) vielfach vertreten. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht zu den Vorträgen der Institutsmitglieder. 

Vorträge von Mitgliedern des IMWK auf der ICA Jahrestagung in Prag (24. bis 28. Mai 2018):

  • Bilandzic, H. (2018). Complicity with media characters.
  • Cohen, J., Oliver, M.B. & Bilandzic, H. (2018). The differential effects of direct address on para­social experience and identification: Empirical support of discriminant validity.
  • Elmezeny, A., Edenhofer, N. & Wimmer, J. (2018). Two birds with one stone: An explorative analysis of the interplay between narrative and technical immersion in 360-degree videos.
  • Gentzel, P. (2018). The forgotten subject? Why subjectivity matters after practice and material turns. Vortrag auf der Pre-Conference “Articulating voice. The expressivity and performativity of media practices”, philosophy, theory and critique (PTC) Division.
  • Gentzel P. (2018): The voice of promotion: How ads tell the history of mobile communication.
  • Küchler, C. (2018). Is it fake or is it new(s)? - Correcting misinformation about climate change. Vortrag auf der Environmental Communication Graduate Student Preconference.
  • Pentzold, C. & Menke, M. (2018). Social practices, communicative practices, discursive practices: Formulating an analytical distinction.
  • Menke, M., Drakova, M., Wagner, A. & Kinnebrock, S. (2018). "Everybody should do it!" How advance care planning is communicated among members of online communities.
  • Naab, T., Naab, T. K., & Brandmeier, J. (2018). When social media set cats to guard their pigeons: A users’ perspective on the need for sanctions against Facebook content.
  • Naab, T. K., Karnowksi, V., & Schlütz, D. (2018). Retrospective overreporting: How in-situ and ex post measures on mobile social media use differ.
  • Schnauber-Stockmann, A. & Naab, T. K. (2018). The process of forming a media habit: Results from a longitudinal study in a real world setting.
  • Naab T., Naab, T.K. & Brandmeier, Jonas (2018). A user’s perspective on the need for sanctions against facebook content.
  • Naab, T. (2018). Parent’s online self-disclosure and parental media trusteeship: how parents manage their own digital identity and that of their children. Vortrag auf der Pre-Conference “Media literacy as intergenerational project: skills, norms, and mediation”.
  • Schnell, C. (2018). Effects of view count and comment valence on perceptions of personal health narratives online. Poster-Vortrag.
  • Schwarzenegger, C. & Wagner, A. J. M. (2018). Cultivating the grounds of radicalization - Mainstreaming radical right agendas in satirical pages on social media. Vortrag auf der Pre-Conference “Refugees, Religious Threats, and Political Radicalization: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives”.
  • Schwarzenegger C. (2018). Don’t believe the hype – But accept reality. Why the future of communication history is digital and what this means.
  • Christian Schwarzenegger nimmt außerdem an dem Blue Sky Workshop "Doing communication history: A methodological roundtable“ teil, um Stand und Zukunft methodischer Herausforderungen für die Kommunikationsgeschichte einzuschätzen
  • Scheu, A., Birkner, T. & Schwarzenegger, C. (2018). Scholarly networks and disciplinary identity. The role of social networks for intellectual conflicts and the collective memory of communication studies. Vortrag auf der Pre-Conference Network(ed) Histories der Communication Histories Division.
  • Wagner, A. , & Schwarzenegger, C. (2018). It’s funny cause it’s hate: Political satire as right wing propaganda – A study on activism in disguise.
  • Wagner, A., Bilandzic, H., & de Wit, J. (2018). All fun and games? Effects of humor in health narratives on empathy with ill people.


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