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Gastprofessor Prof. Dr. Paul Bolls mit Vortrag am imwk

Das imwk Augsburg freut sich auf den Besuch eines weiteren Gastwissenschaftlers! Prof. Dr. Paul Bolls von der University of Missouri wird vom 05.06.- 22.06.2015 an der Universität Augsburg zu Gast sein. Paul Bolls ist Professor für Strategische Kommunikation und Leiter des “MediaBrain Lab” der Missouri School of Journalism. Am 09.06.2015 findet ein öffentlicher Vortrag zu Emotionen in der Gesundheitskommunikation statt.

Näheres zum Vortrag:
Dienstag, 09.06.2015, 17.30 Uhr in D2105 (Phil.-Soz. Fakultät)

This is your brain “on” EMOTIONAL health messages! Insights into the effective use of emotion in public health campaigns

A challenge in designing effective public health campaigns concerns how to design emotional appeals in ways that enhances persuasion. Media Psychophysiology, the study of how individuals process and respond to media through physiological measures, provides valuable knowledge of real-time response to messages. This approach has been especially useful in studying how individuals respond to emotional content in health campaign messages. In this talk I will overview the application of Media Psychophysiology to research in health communication and present data from experiments on the impact of emotional content in health messages. I will conclude with practical insights emerging from experiments that can be used to design more effective public health campaigns.

Biographie Paul Bolls:
Professor Paul Bolls has over 20 years of experience conducting research on how the human brain processes and is affected by media content and technology. His research specifically focuses on using media for positive effects on health and wellness. He founded and directed Media Psychophysiology research labs in the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University and University of Missouri School of Journalism. Dr. Bolls co-authored the first book exclusively focused on using Psychophysiology to study how people process and are influenced by media and has published over 35 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. He has also been recognized as an outstanding undergraduate research mentor by the University of Missouri Office of Undergraduate Research. Dr. Bolls engages in industry consulting in the area of Neuromarketing and currently serves as Chief PlayScientist at PlayScience, a media research and product development company in New York. His undergraduate degree in communication is from Montana State University and he holds an MA degree from Washington State University and Ph D from Indiana University. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Bolls spent 8 years on-air in commercial radio.

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