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The Department of Media, Knowledge and Communication

The Department of Media, Knowledge and Communication (imwk) is an academic institution at the University of Augsburg. It belongs under the Philosophy and Social Sciences faculty, and consists of three research groups with a focus on Public Communication, Reception and Effects, and Media Reality. imwk was established in 2013, replacing the former Institute of Media and Educational Technology (imb). The third research group was created following a resolution in 2015, which has strengthened the institute’s profile in the field of communication studies.

What are imwk’s key tasks?

imwk focuses on academic pursuits in the field of media and communication by combining research expertise and activities. It offers both a B.A. and M.A. program in Media and Communication.

What are its main research areas?

imwk’s current research explores the rapidly changing media landscape and media coverage of important social developments. This includes analyzing media influence on communication and knowledge processes, as well as on public relations.

What characterizes imwk’s study programs?

The B.A. and M.A. program in Media and Communication Science are both research and practice oriented degree programs. Students receive comprehensive methodological training and are actively involved in ongoing research projects. Besides having a strong research focus, imwk also places great emphasis on employability. Students work closely with media practitioners, and are well prepared for a career in fields such as: media production, media research, public relations, journalism and advertising. By cooperating with media professionals, imwk aims to provide a modern, attractive and innovative academic education. The program not only responds effectively to labor market needs, but also provides insight into media practice by studying the changing media landscape.

How does the Department conduct its research?

imwk uses its own research equipment for conducting complex empirical research. This includes: