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Elf Vorträge des Instituts auf der ECREA

Das Institut für Medien, Wissen und Kommunikation ist auf der 6th European Communication Conference der ECREA in Prag, Tschechische Republik (09.11. - 12.11.2016), vielseitig mit seiner Forschung vertreten.

Helena Bilandzic
Between Climate Change Denial and Conspiracy Theory: An Analysis of Popular Climate Skeptic Books

Andre Dechert
Pluralizing the Family Ideal: Sitcoms, Social Change and the Nuclear Family

Désirée Dörner & Susanne Kinnebrock
“Social Motherhood” – a key concept in the discourse on gender equity? An analysis of feminist magazines in Imperial Germany.

Ahmed Elmezeny
An Ethnographic Look at Free-to-play Gaming: The Cost of a Second Life (PHD Kolloquium YECREA).

Peter Gentzel
Practical Theory: Chances and challenges for mediatization research.

Jakob Hörtnagl
Preserving the classic media experience for communitization today – negotiating (dis)continuities in the retrogaming community ‘Project 1999’.

Ekaterina Kalinina (Copenhagen University) & Manuel Menke
Memory online: Exploring the democratic potential and political uses of nostalgia.

Manuel Menke & Susanne Kinnebrock
Dignity despite vulnerability? Current ethical principles of the media discourse on advance directives.

Christian Schwarzenegger
als Diskutant der Podiumsdiskussion "The Silence of the Scholars? Rethinking the Voice of Academia".

Christian Schwarzenegger & Thomas Birkner (Universität Münster)
Failures Dead Ends and Parallel Lines – Discontinuities of Memory in Communication Studies. Towards a Negative History of the Field.

Anna Wagner & Christian Schwarzenegger
Beyond Media and Audiences – Media Diaries as a Method for Understanding Life with and Without Media.

Jeffrey Wimmer
“It could happen that...” An analysis of the perceived risks of smartphone applications.

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